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Elizabeth A. Miller

Elizabeth A. Miller has been a student of literature and writing most of her life. In 2013, she published her first novel, Secrets of the Stream, which began a four volume series about the fictional town of Copper Creek, Missouri. The Copper Creek Tales, catalogued in this blog, is a prequel to the Copper Creek Series which includes, Ripples in the Stream (Book 2), Memories by the Stream (Book3), and 
Crossroads at the Stream (Book 4).  

Elizabeth’s other published works include a spin-off story from the Copper Creek Series about female Pinkerton detectives aptly titled, The Pinkerton Detective Series. Its titles include: A Pink Lady, Pink Revenge and The Pink Traitor. All of these books, including Elizabeth’s regency romance, A Tent in the Wind, and her non-fiction title, The Reel Musical Fan’s Trivia Book, are available in print or ebook formats from Amazon and at her author site E. Miller Books: http://www.emillerbooks.com

Holding a B.A. in English and professional writing from Fontbonne University, Elizabeth is also the Writing Director for Innovative Writing Works (IWW). A freelance writing company in St. Louis since 2006, IWW has produced marketing and business writing services for an array of clients. In 2014, the company began focusing solely on the production and sales of Elizabeth’s novels.

Elizabeth is a native of Missouri, having lived in St. Louis all her life. She is a nature lover, craft enthusiast, avid reader and fan of old movies. Most of all, Elizabeth is passionate about telling stories because she believes stories are essential to life. They teach; They inspire; They heal. “The effects of telling a story is like pure magic — transporting us to other times, other places or other worlds. Stories allow us to be anyone and hopefully grow in a better understanding of ourselves.”

In everything she writes, Elizabeth tries to create they kind of stories she would like to read. Her work reflects her interest in history, pleasure in a good mystery and strong foundation in faith. Check back frequently with this blog or her author site (http://www.emillerbooks.com) for updates on her latest writing projects.

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